Thanks for everything AGF

I would like to thank to all the AGF family for giving me the oportunity of being Head GK Coach during these months here in Denmark.

I really appreciate

I really appreciate your trust, treating me the way you did and letting me be part of this awesome Club.

I would like to say thanks to everybody, please forgive me if I miss someone: to all the Club employees, who make possible that everything works correctly. To the Club managers, technical staff, players, supporters and fans. And of course to my Goalkeepers: A. Jovanovic y Staff Rasmussen. Absolutely to all of them, I want to transmit my gratitude for letting me enjoy of my job with your daily effort, helping me every day, and allow myself to make this personal dream that I had since left the professional football as a player, for which I have been preparing during these years to become the best in this new area. For all of you my most sincerely gratitude.

I have worked in the most honest way, following my values, giving my 100% to make the players work in the same way, to take the team out of the complicated situation we were when I arrived, both at the sportive level (very close to drop position)and institutional (with a lot of changes and without a fixed course. I really think that I did my best stabilizing wisely the Goalkeepers department, creating a not existing organizational basis until I arrived and a dayly working methodology not only for the first team, but also for the young players to be prepared for when they jump to the first squad, avoiding foreign paths out of the club to get to the football elite levels.

I believe I have fulfilled the main task entrusted to me: taking A. Jovanovic to the 2018 World Cup in Russia with the serbian national team, where he was not playing since a year ago. It makes several teams to be interested in making an offer for the player, getting an interesting ammount of money for the club, following a very Smart politic.

Jovanovic has reached the best numbers in AGF in the last 2 years for a Goalkeeper:

6 Clean Sheet and 2 Best League Goalkeeper in February and March. But above all, transmitting security and confidence, translating that in several points for the team reaching the Europa League doors.

I would also like to make a special mention to Staff Rasmussen, in his last year as profesional, with an unbeateable attitude in every training sesión. An awesome player with more than 400 games in first división with the AGF´s shirt. This is the main reason for me to thank Staff his huge effort during this hard momento, knowing that it was your last days as a professional player.

I got the feeling of having done my best in all the tasks that I have been commissioned for when I arrived to this great team. Unfortunately, football has become a huge business since long time ago, and decisions are made by outsiders of the sport and with not much knowledge about it.

I can´t forget David Nielsen y Ruben Selles, and all the Technical Staff. Many thanks for your help and affection during all these months. I have learned a lot from you guys. Thanks a lot for everything mates.

Very warm regards for all the AGF family and many many thanks for everything. This is not a “goodbye”, just a “see you soon”.

Jacobo Sanz Ovejero

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